Vela Manila celebrates artistry and ingenuity that is distinctly Filipino. We retell and reimagine stories of local heritage by weaving together traditional and modern elements. The result is an array of artistic yet dynamic products for your everyday use.


Each product embodies the stories behind handwoven textile and handcrafted pieces, detailing hundreds upon hundreds of fabric creations, local histories, and cultures through the art of handloom. The technique and assembly of each piece—from the raw embellishments to subtle finishes—glows with the human touch of the crafter’s hand, giving way to timeless, functional, and well-thought-of design.


Vela Manila is committed to creating a platform for Filipino artisans and crafters that honors the fruits of their unmatched work. We value relationships and shared lives. From the beginning, we have been working closely with a family of makers and craftspeople from Marikina -  advocating sustainable and local manufacturing.    

Our brand collaborates with different weaving communities in the Philippines in partnership with ANTHILL (Alternative Nest and Trading/ Traning Hub for Indigenous/ Ingenious Little Livelihood seekers) Fabric Gallery, a cultural and social enterprise located in Cebu. We personally visit each weaving community and tribe with the intent of understanding their context and culture. We aim to create an impact to these communities by cultivating a platform to re-introduce and highlight the traditions of each indigenous tribe to the present generation. 

This partnership is rooted in years of collaboration and a shared advocacy of cultural, sustainable, and ethical fashion—valuing the work that created best when together. 


Of imagery & poetry

We are dedicated to expressing life-giving narratives weaved into creative, cinematic storytelling. A sequence of ideas from partners to artisans to crafters and now, to you.