Behind the Collection: Sinta

Sinta; to remain beloved.


The Sinta collection kindles us to remain saturated in the undertow of our consciousness. It sings of a soulful revival; an unapologetic release of bold and intimate work that seeks to provoke and pacify. It explores and touches on the essentials - a certain connectedness that speaks in shadow or light, in living colors, within the heart and soul.

For our fifth collection, we are going beyond the trenches of our previous designs, as we sift through our history with renewed minds. We wanted to express a work that is true to who we are, our genesis and processes; a work that inspires and goes beyond. We took inspiration from the timeless and unrivaled artistry of weaves and the art of living with preserved, radiant tradition.

This collection features a community's embrace of mindful and conscious living, reflected in works refined and completed from one hand to another - strand by strand, moment after moment, a sequence of ideas from partners to artisans to crafters and now, to you.

We are thrilled to share with you these life-giving narratives weaved into creative, cinematic storytelling. Join us in this journey of reimagining the stories of the community behind our pieces - their groundwork, artistry, reality, and poetry. May this new collection closely portray the truth within our brand -

All becoming everyday, heart & soul,








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